Other Aston Updates


The Aston Lions are looking for new members to join our club. If you can spare one or two nights a month to attend a dinner meeting and have an interest in helping those in need and recognizing those that achieve, please consider joining our organization.  The time you spend with the Club is your choice. There are no minimum attendance requirements or commitments other than being willing to serve. It is a great organization that has touched many people both locally and internationally. 

Thank you

Aston Township Historical Society website

The Aston Historical Society has put its new website on line at  www.aths.org



This site is for your use to publicize charitable and other events of interest to the residents of the Aston Community.

We would appreciate your sending notice of the event as soon as possible but at least two weeks before the event. Material is published on a first come basis and as long as we have room on the website.

Please designate contact information and a contact phone number in case we have any questions. or want more information, regarding posting of the event.

We do not charge for publicizing the information.


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