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The other day I overheard a discussion of several older people who were saying with their limited income they were hard pressed to come up with contributions for any cause of a charitable nature as they could barely pay their expenses such as food, perscriptions, etc

 May I say, each of us can help in some way.

 There is an organization called "friends of the Aston Library" They meet regularily to find ways to raise much needed funds for the library. What better way for folks with limited income than to become a volunteer and help in what ever way you can to contribute at least your time and energy to this group? Even younger folks could give of their time and energy to worthwhile causes such as the library.

If the library "thing" does not interest you, I am sure that their are other organization in Aston Township that would welcome your help! 



In the Aston area the community channel for Comcast cable is Channel 10. If you tune to this

 channel you can view information about current events concerning what is happening in our

community. In addition, if you go on the internet to, the new Aston town-

ship website, you can view the Aston monthly newsletters and much more..



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